THAT WHICH IS REMAINING (IN THIS MOMENT) » Located at the intersection of two major avenues (Wisconsin & Massachusetts) and just yards away from the National Cathedral campus, Bryce Park is an anomaly.  Its cascading architectural design coupled with a balance of grass and concrete as well as benches and open space suggests endless leisure possibilities.  The park, however, is regularly vacant save the occasional person.  The grounds are scattered with an ever-growing collection of orange peels, papers, bottles, and more suggesting the consistent presence of other visitors.  Furthermore, the lack of other visitors in the park produces to a sense of privacy creating a unique tension of private space within public space.

While park crews and diligent neighbors often clean up the discarded objects, those which are remaining also provide a means of communication between visitors to the park.  A visitor may ask him/herself: What does this place mean to me?  What are my needs?  Desires?  Habits?  What do I use when I’m here?  What is its value to me?  How permanent or temporary is this value?  The collection of the photographs of these objects is a means to continue this dialog.  This collection currently contains 100+ images and continues to grow.