In January 2005, I received a grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities to photograph in 8 parks throughout the city. My plan was to choose one park in each ward and, through conversations with park visitors, capture the presence of the park. By focusing on one public space in each ward, I aimed to document the places throughout the city where community members come together. During the spring and summer, I spent countless hours in parks throughout DC and eventually focused on the following parks: Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park (Ward 1), Dupont Circle (Ward 2), Fletcher’s Boat House (Ward 3), Emery Recreation Center (Ward 4), Ivy City Neighborhood (Ward 5), New York Avenue Center (Ward 6), Watts Branch (Ward 7), and Barry Farms (Ward 8). Some of these locations, I had visited throughout my childhood. Others became favorite places in my early adulthood. Yet others, I had never been to before. Throughout my many trips, I began to realize the similarities in each park- activities and symbols I didn’t expect to see at different locations. I also noticed the differences- some subtle and others blatant. Yet this series is about far more than politics, similarities, and differences throughout the neighborhood. The project is a social portrait of the city.

Installations: Warehouse Gallery (2005) Artomatic (2007)


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